Taking It All In

This totally looks like an efficient way to hatch an egg

Somehow I’ve gotten to level 25 in Chimeraland and I’m still doing the tutorial. It’s not from lack or trying. I’ve done everything Bell, has asked. I’ve built a house, I’ve gathered materials, I’ve learned to craft, I’ve learned about equipment, and pets, and on and on. But there is still more to learn. She just wants me to do more.

Bella now has me building a Base which is a separate thing from my home. But I might be able to use base parts in my house? I’m not sure yet. It’s at least a place to grow the saplings I’ve been getting from gathering plants. But again, I’m not sure what I have to do to get them to grow. I bet Bella will tell me eventually.

This tutorial is very similar to a lot of other mobile games I’ve played. Specifically of the free to play rpg/gacha game variety. System menu upon system is thrown at you in rapid succession. You’re shown how to do it, usually with a big “TAP HERE” icon, and it’s never talked about again. Then you’re on to the next thing.There’s not much depth in the explanation regardless of how much or little depth there is to any given system. 

At least Chimeraland let’s me ignore the tutorial whenever I don’t feel like doing it. I’ve found this helpful to get a grasp on things after I’ve felt like I’ve done too much at once. I look around the menus, I take some time to go out and gather or craft something that looks interesting. Or I’ll wander around looking for a cool beast I haven’t seen yet. I only start the tutorial up again when I find something I want to do but can’t figure out how.

I like an open floor concept

Figuring out how to level up my house was my first run in with this. Unlocking crafting stations, building parts, and all other sorts of stuff are tied to the housing level. It turned out to be a very simple menu that I would have eventually found on my own…probably…but it was nice to be shown too. It’s based on the number of build points you have and requires some materials to increase the level in case you were curious.

As it turns out, Bella gets a bit tired of talking sometimes. Every once and a while the tutorial quest will ask me to go do explore on my own for a few minutes. The equivalent of the game telling you it’s busy and to entertain yourself or play outside or something. As I’ve gotten farther in to the game that time has gone up from 5, to 15, now to 30 minutes.

An amusing hobby indeed.

Not to worry though, Bella’s  got some friends in the tutorial menu and each of them, presumably, has their own set of tutorials. So if I’m itching for more tutorial while my other tutorial is on a smoke break I’ve got more tutorials I can do!

I’ve clicked through some dialog and each one seems to be there to explain something a bit more depth. One is focused on how to raise your power rank, one is focused on gathering, and one wanted to send me 15 miles away to a humanoid town to get some quests. I’ve left these alone for the most part. 

These plains don’t look all that dusty

The constant tutorial doesn’t bother me too much. It’s there when I want it but can otherwise be ignored. I’m not nagged to do it if I simply choose not too. Completing it showers me with items and materials and lots and lots of currency as well. Sometimes it’s nice to be guided a bit when I don’t feel like sandboxing.

I do wonder if I’ll get to a point soon where Bella will leave me and I’ll know it all. There’s a lot going on in the game already so I can’t imagine how many more systems/menus there are to explain. Maybe Chimeraland takes the adage that the leveling process is the tutorial and the real game starts at the level cap a bit too seriously…

We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Taking It All In

  1. bhagpuss February 5, 2022 / 4:41 am

    Even though you’re a dozen levels behind me, I think you must be ahead of me in the tutorials because the longest break Bella’s given me so far is fifteen minutes. Of course, I’ve gone whole days without talking to her at all and she seems fine with that – she’s very patient with non-attenders.

    One thing I haven’t even mentioned in any posts yet (One of many) is the Adventure journal thing. Have you looked at that? It has what must be dozens of dailies covering all aspects of the game. And there’s another set of quests hidden another menu somewhere, i think. I found it just poking around – none of the tutorial teachers have pointed me there yet. I expect they will, eventually.

    Although the game is a true sandbox in that you could just do your own thing and never even open the tutorial or any of the menus, I think there’s actually more than enough curated content to keep most players busy pretty much full time. It’s just not narrative or story led. It’s all tasks. It makes for a very comfortable mix, I find. I’m more than happy to be free of the tyranny of story for once. I ought to write something about that…


    • Kluwes February 6, 2022 / 9:25 am

      I did see that! I wasn’t sure what it was the first few times I clicked on it. It seems to give some nice items and I think there’s a weekly aspect to it too. But I’m not sure how that works yet. Still hasn’t been mentioned to me by any of the NPC’s yet.

      I also found there’s a battle pass with a list of things to do. I think those refresh daily as well. They seem to range from kill 10 monsters to spam this emote/action a couple times. I definitely agree, there’s a lot of sandbox but also a lot of guided content if you want it.


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