Why Write a Game Blog?


Last week we looked at why we read game blogs. This week, let’s talk about why we write game blogs. This blog is now 3 and a half years old. That’s crazy, where has the time gone? While I haven’t always written here, it’s been in the back of my mind every day since it started way back in 2016. But I was thinking just the other day, why do I keep coming back to the blog? I’ve gone months without writing, but I always come back whether it be for an event like Blaugust or just when inspiration strikes.

Let’s me chronicle my own gaming history

Blogging lets me chronicle my own history of gaming. I can look back on my posts and see what I was playing, what I liked, what I didn’t like, where my head was at in that particular momment. I often look back on old posts and remember exactly what triggered me to write that particular post. Plus with my self imposed baclog challenge, I have a place to keep track of all the games I’ve beaten over the years this blogs been here. If you look at the Games Beaten page, you’ll see its pretty small for something I’ve been trying to do for almost 4 years.

Changes the way I think about games

When I’m active on my blog, like I am this month, it changes the way I think about games. It adds a little more to the expereince. Instead of playing for pure fun, I’m constantly looking at opportunities for a post. When I’m not playing, I’m immeresed in news and other’s blogs that inspire my writing and my enthusiasm for the hobby,

Gives me more enjoyment from the hobby

When I’m not blogging and I’m not streaming with Jay, games feel almost like a waste of time. Yes, this is probably not a good thing, but writing makes my gaming time feel important. I’m not just playing, I’m playing to create something at the end. If anything, writing a game blog brings me more enjoyment than simply playing a game.

It’s a creative project

I like having a project. It’s why I like a lot of the grindy games I play, it’s why I love writing a blog, it’s why I like streaming and managing a twitch channel with my friends. It’s a nice creative outlet, I can’t draw, I can’t play an instrument, but I can write

There’s a great community

The game blogging community has some of the nicest people in it. Everyone is very welcoming to new people. Everyone is helpful if you have a question. And everyone loves games just as much as I do. I find this corner of the internet to be the least toxic gaming community ever. And with such great bloggers around with years and years under their belt, its hard  not to be inspired by them.

It improves my writing and style

Last, but certainly not least, writing a game blog helps me improve my own writing. Especially at a time like Blaugust where I’m writing everyday. I can always tell when I post multiple days in a row that my writing gets better. When I take a few months off, it’s like going to the gym after a long break, it’s hard, I feel like I can’t do what I used to, and it takes a while to get back to where you were before you stopped.

Quick side note: This post marks 2 straight weeks of posts in a row. This may be the most posts in a row ever on this site. I’m feeling good about finishing Blaugust this year!


2 thoughts on “Why Write a Game Blog?

  1. Marathal August 10, 2019 / 9:22 am

    I started, geez I don’t know when the original blog started, years ago certainly, it was my own version of tweet longer. Rather than try to link 10 tweets together I came here. Mostly it was a place for me to clear my thoughts about issues in Warcraft, or ideas I had to make it better, or even the occasional post concerning real life. It most certainly has helped me learn to write more, and better. I know there were a few occasions when my wife had to write 7 page papers on company financial statements for her college courses where the checking program flagged up statements as being written before that I helped her reword. There are only so many ways you can say something when you are writing about accounting financial statements. Lol. One thing blogging has taught me that I find extremely valuable is gaining the understanding of how things can be worded to still mean what it says, but that tricks your mind into thinking it has a different meaning. As an example when the Kavenaugh hearing were going on, if you listened to the questions asked, you could really see how wording a question a certain way could trip a person up. I am really going to be paying attention to what is being said and by whom in our upcoming elections.

    I am glad to be a small part of this big blogging community, it is an art form that more people should try. Even if it’s just coming here to read what others have written. It is too simple to get caught up in the Twitter scan a quick blurb and move on to the next. Reading a persons thoughts on a subject in long form allow you to better understand.

    So thank you for 3 1/2 years, and here’s to many more.

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